Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Look out "44 North" ...Welcome "44 Blue Northwest"

Look out "44 North"... Here comes "44 Blue Northwest"

The Raspberry infused vodka was so delicious, we decided to try some freshly picked blueberry infused vodka to see how it compares to the "44 North" (Huckleberry flavored vodka) out of Boise, Idaho.  We will give it 30 days on the counter to soak up all of that fresh blueberry goodness, shaking it every day to get all of "berry goodness" out and into the liquid.  Then we will strain the liquid, and mix it with the boiled sugar water (same recipe as the raspberry infused vodka in this blog) and place it in a dark cool place for 6 months.  (Lets see how patient we can be!!!)
P.S. the blueberries that have been soaking don't need to go directly into the trash can :)  Lets try them on fresh ice cream or in a lemon sorbet!


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